The Old Time Players Present:

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The Old Time Players are a unique group of dedicated old-time musicians committed to the preservation of American musical heritage.  This group plays a wide variety of traditional American music, Old-Time Fiddle and dance tunes, and folk songs from our great Western expansion.  This was the popular music of the day and American expression continued to grow through music such as the Minstrel Show, Vaudeville, Burlesque and Ragtime.


This presentation takes us way back in time, over a hundred years to the Gaslight Era and the early development of Ragtime Music (1880-1910).  Some of the pieces rendered on this recording come from some very prominent composers of the day.  They were the pioneers of these new musical ideas, key changes, modulation and most importantly- syncopation.  These techniques were incorporated to produce new sounds, which became instantly popular for a more sophisticated audience.

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The Old Time Players Present: Calliope!