The Phippsburg Banjo Company
Established 1974

 High in the Colorado Rockies, near the town of Phippsburg, a business was born to create quality handcrafted banjos.

      Since then Billy has moved to the Ozark Mountains, where home and workshop sat together for many years.

The first brochure offering 3 different models was published in 1978 then a new price list and catalogue  were added in 1980.

     Although Billy is no longer crafting banjos by hand, many of his earlier made banjos are now collector's items.

  Billy has made well over 150 instruments for many satisfied player/owners coast to coast.  

Currently, Billy owns and operates the Old Time Music Emporium in Southern Missouri, where he collects and repairs new and vintage stringed instruments. 

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Selections from the 1980 brochure:

             Phippsburg Banjos are constructed of only the finest materials.  The wood is carefully selected and we use only kiln dried, aged native   hardwoods.  Solid black African ebony is used for fingerboards. The rims and resonators are totally handmade.  These instruments also feature the best available geared tuners and a gear peg.  Rims are made by a manual lamination technique using an outside mold and a steaming process.  These rims are made from only quality, kiln dried native hardwoods.  Wooden rims are definitely most desirable for a clean, crisp, clear tone.  These rims improve with age, and likewise, the sound.  The metal parts are all of brass or a brass/bronze mixture to produce the clearest tone.
All the necks are laminated & reinforced with steel.

     The Phippsburg Banjo Company uses no mass production techniques.  Each instrument is individually built by one craftsman from start to finish.  No two "Phippsburgs" are exactly alike.  All play excellently and sound beautiful.

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