An old-time string band from deep in the hills of Stone County, Missouri.  Their music is as wild as their Ozarks' backwoods, as free as the crystal clear streams, and as explosive as moonshine.

Since banding together  years ago with Billy on fiddle; they have gained a reputation at dances across the Midwest for their exciting and compelling dance music, especially fiery Missouri fiddle tunes and original arrangements.

Billy Mathews, on fiddle, from The Ozarks, Ozarks, has been performing as a professional musician for the past 30 years and has recorded 9 different albums. Billy toured the country for a decade with the internationally acclaimed old time string band "The Skirtlifters".  He has shared the stage with such noteworthy musicians such as John Hartford, Mike Seeger, Bill Monroe, Joe Burke, John Koener, The Fiddle Puppets, and De Dannan; and has performed at some of the most prestigious music festivals in the country including The Piccolo Spoleto, Scott Joplin Ragtime and Brandywine Festivals.

He has also made programs for "Voice of America"; the BBC production "Echoes of America"; Frank Currier-ABC Channel 9 Denver, Colorado; KY3TV-NBC Springfield Missouri; KFMU's "Sound Of the Wind", the first live broadcast of the world's first wind-powered FM radio station. 

Tom Hall, on claw hammer banjo, has been playing blues guitar around St. Louis for three decades and was a founding member of the legendary "Geyer Street Sheiks".  His solid rhythm roots transfer easily to the 5-string banjo, which results in an electrifying effect when combined with Billy's creativity on the fiddle. 
To date, Tom has released 3 CD's and has won numerous awards, including being awarded "Critics' Choice' for Best Acoustic Guitarist, Best Solo Artist and Best Folk Band (named twice), by The Riverfront Times, in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. 

His finger style guitar playing on his National Steel has brought him acclaim from appearances on National Public Radio's Good Evening America to the stages he's shared with the Neville Brothers, Count Basie, Lightnin' Hopkins, Albert King and others. 

Barbara Weathers, on guitar, a native of Springfield, Missouri; is well known in the Midwest dance circles for her stylish, but exuberant fiddling.  She has been immersed in traditional music for over ten years, having conducted her musical apprenticeship with musicians ranging from Ava square dance fiddler Bob Holt to Kentucky fiddle and banjo player, Clyde Davenport.
Barbara has drawn from a diverse range of styles to create a unique sound, which is as listenable as it danceable.  She fiddled with such greats as Fred Stoneking, Jim & Kim Lansford, and studied under Art Galbraith through the Missouri Folk Arts Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program. 

She has also been on the staff of The Ozark Mountains Traditional Fiddle and Dance Camp and the Augusta Heritage Center, Elkins, West Virginia.    Since moving to St. Louis she has been featured regularly at dances either on fiddle or guitar, and provides a solid backup for the creativity of the other two musicians.   

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The premier old time dance band has quickly gained a reputation for their incredibly high spirited & provocative square and contra dance medleys.  Their music is captivating and hard-hitting; yet rhythmically reminiscent in spirit of the late 19th and early 20th century.  "Chicks With Guns" has indeed captured the Spirit , the emotion, and the very soul of American old time dance music.

Their unlimited enthusiasm and outrageously energetic performances are truly an unique experience!

The chicks are loaded and the guns are empty................