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The early settlers of this country were simple people, who brought with them the folk traditions of their native lands.  The New World offered so little culture and recreation that they clung to their national inheritance of song and story passed it to their children and to their grandchildren.  Gradually, the folk songs of these people became a part of the great "American Life" and were sung by the builders of our great country.  Through generations these familiar airs have come down to us by oral repetition.  Like echoes from long ago, these tunes represent our vast musical heritage; the mainstay of our American culture.

1.    Shakin' Down The Acorns / Meg Gray (click to sample)
2.    Banks of The Quay/ Crugarahn Cross
3.    Aurora Waltz
4.    Oyster Girl/ Needlecase
5.   Angus Campbell/ Money Musk
6.    Briar Picker Brown/ Morpeth Rant
7.    Liberty Waltz
8.    Rustic Dance / Queen of the Burlesque
9.    Charlie Stewart's Jig / Wee Willy's Jig
10.  French Canadian Waltz
11.  Rickett's Hornpipe / Harvest Home Hornpipe
12.  Jefferson and Liberty
13.  Russ MacDougal's Waltz
14.  Sally in the Garden / Girl with the Blue Dress / Camp Chase
15.  Connelly's Lament (click to sample)
16.  Saturday Night Waltz