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Old Time Waltz Collection Volume II 2016  
Long Time  a Comin' 2015 Billy Mathews and Colin Blair
Rags, Relics and Rarities 2013 The Old Time Players
Calliope! 2012 The Old Time Players
Live in Concert
July 24, 2010
Concert With Colin Blair

at Music Folk

July 24, 2010
500 Fiddle Tunes Project
Old Time Archive
Volumes 1-5
Tunes 1-501
Volumes 1-5
A Series of 500 Tunes

"The idea is to present a reasonable rendition of the tune; not too fast, pretty much straight up with very little ornamentation, which will be very helpful to many people who, like me , learn by ear." -- Billy
Live in Concert  9/22/07 2007

Billy Mathews Live in Concert

 The Coffee House, Milwaukee, WI
The Ghost of Banjo Billy ~
Original Minstrel Style Banjo Tunes
2007 "All 17 pieces are wonderful examples of the traditional banjo-player's art. "Long Road" and "Gonna Rise Again" are lovely introspective pieces that proceed at a stately tempo.  "Hayseed Jig" and "Ring Shout" sound typically "minstrel" to my ears, so much so, that had I not known better, I would have expected to have found them in an early 19th century banjo manual."
Old Time Herald
June/ July 2007
Old Time Waltz Collection ~

Book of sheet music~ 20 Waltzes~ 2 CDs
20 Old Time Waltzes
    Compiled and Edited by
      Billy Mathews
       Robin Kearton
The Silver Anniversary Edition ~
2 disc set of Billy's vintage Recordings

A collection of Traditional Old Time American dance tunes taken from the nine different recordings that I have produced over the last 25 years.  The master  recordings were originally done on several different  analog machines, at various places at various times.
Children of Foreign Lands ~
fiddle tunes from around the world
The early settlers of this country were simple people, who brought with them the folk traditions of their native lands.  The New World offered so little culture and recreation that they clung to their national inheritance of song and story passed it to their children and to their grandchildren.
A Rogue's Buffet ~
Original Tunes by Billy Mathews

A delightful collection of original fiddle tunes created by Billy Mathews over a period of 30 years.   All tunes presented here have their own unique character and their own distinct personality.
Barn Dance (Ozark Traditions
Square & Contra Dance Tunes
2000 This premier old time dance band has quickly gained a reputation for their incredibly high spirited
and provocative square and contra dance medleys. Their music is captivating and hart hitting, yet
rhythmically sophisticated. This trio, specializing in indigenous Missouri fiddle tunes will keep your
feet tapping with their infectious syncopated rhythms and spontaneous interpretations of the old tunes.
Hayseed Jig ~ Fiddle Tunes 1995  Plantation Jig/Circus Jig
   Waldor Reel/Rye Straw
   Green Ridge Polka
   June Rose Waltz
   Cold Frosty Morning/Cluck Old Hen

  Hayseed Jig/Dry Fork
   All Alone Again Blues
   Sugar In My Coffee/Peaceful Henry
  Stillhouse Branch
  Billy Wilson/Booth Shot Lincoln
  Yampa Valley Waltz
Old Time Tunes From Mutton Hollow

Billy Mathews & Pete Howard
Sandy River Bells/Shanghai Rooster
Richmond Cotillion
Opera Reel/Smith's Reel
Oh Lawd Gals / Stillhouse
Snyder's Waltz
Year of Jubelo/Dixie
Acadian Two -Step
Possum up a 'Simmon Tree / Spotted Pony
Dill Pickle Rag
Carroll County Blues
Hitchhiker Blues
Tennessee Waltz
Stillhouse Branch
Fire Alarm (The Skirtlifters) 1990                                                                                         

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Osage Valley String Band ~ Fiddle Tunes 1988 Mountain Blues
Lonestar Rag
Ott Pik Waltz / Shamus O'Brian
Somewhere in Dixie (The Skirtlifters) 1987

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Live @ Osage Valley Pumpkin Festival 1986 Osage Valley Pumpkin Festival, Osage, Arkansas
Old Time Banjo Styles ~ Volume 2
     Billy Mathews- Banjo   

 Marching Through Georgia
   The Rhine
  Camptown Races
   Liza Jane
   Marching Jay Birds
   Johnson Boys
   Soldiers Joy
   Silver Bell

June Apple       
Old Time Fiddle Tunes ~
Volume 3 (Fiddle and Banjo)

Possum up a Gum Stump
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Yellow Rose of Texas
Arkansas Traveler
Old Time Fiddle Tunes~ Volume 2 1983           Rock The Cradle
          Wake Up Susan
          Crow Creek
          Old Mother Flannagan
           Cabri Waltz
           Dixon County Blues
           Sidewalk Waltz
Live @ Osage  Valley Pumpkin Festival 1982 Osage, Arkansas
Old Time Fiddle Tunes ~ Volume 1 1982 Pike's Peak
My Own Home Waltz
Lone Star Rag
Charleston City Blues 
Peacock Rag
Peeler Creek Waltz
Carroll County Blues
Sunny Home in Dixie
Old Time Banjo Styles ~ Volume 1

* David Bernard-Guitar
1980   * Bonaparte Crossing
 * Angus Campbell
 *  Colored Aristocracy
 *  Cuckoo
 *  Devils Dream
 * Sweet Sunny South
 * Georgia Camp Meeting
  Marmaduke's Hornpipe
 * Nellie Gray
 Staten Island Ferry
 American Fandango
 Pretty Omie
 Ol' Jawbone