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Billy’s OldTime Music Collective (BOMC)

 News Update/ Announcement:

 Since my midlife medical make-over, and other circumstances which are beyond my control, I had to re-think and make adjustments to my life style accordingly. 

 It’s becoming more difficult to keep up the pace that I have set for myself; Too many hours of drive time and too many days away from home.  So, I will have to cut back on my travels somewhat and I won’t be available as much as I used to be.

In my “letters from home” Blog , I try to keep you folks informed of my activities, new products, recordings, travel, etc.  Now, I have created a new program to fill in the gaps and continue to find ways for us to communicate with each other more effectively.

 I am proud to introduce, Billy’s OldTime Music Collective (BOMC), my new members only group.

Group Members will receive the following benefits:

1.        At least 1 MP3 tune each month
These recordings will include new tunes, a few old favorites and exclusive tunes from upcoming releases.

2.       Special Exclusive Video Clips of live performances

3.       Archival References and more information about the tunes and the fiddlers who played them.

4.       A first look at potential upcoming projects like my “Old Time Radio Theater”

5.       Access to my members only page at


All of this can be yours (in these hard economic times) for   the reasonable price of 12/ year.

For those of you on really limited budgets, we can also accept members for $1.25/ month with a one year membership commitment.  Click here to join.


I will need your support to help get this new project off the ground and save a lot of wear and tear on the old man! 

So, join me as we begin yet another adventure in the world of OldTime Music!


Yours truly, Billy

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