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January 2013

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This month's members get Cattletsburg MP3  (to download, see below)


This tune appears to be written by a deceased professional fiddler named Ed Haley. 

Ed grew up to be a professional fiddler who traveled widely throughout West Virginia, Ohio, Eastern Kentucky and Southwestern Virginia . He had a huge repertoire of old time music which he performed at square dances, fairs, street corners, fiddle contests and courthouse squares. 


In the late teens, Ed married Martha Ella Trumbo, a blind piano teacher from Morehead, Kentucky.  Ella was educated at the Kentucky School for the Blind in Louisville.  She played mandolin and accordion with her husband for many years. They raised a family in Catlettsburg, Kentucky. They spent their final years in Ashland.

Ed Haley died of a heart attack on February 3, 1951 and his wife died in November 1954, both are buried in Ashland.


Read about Ed Haley here


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